Clerical Jobs: Skills Required for Clerical Jobs

Published: 18th February 2011
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Clerical jobs could be pathways to career success for those with the right motivation. Learning the technical skills required to excel is comparatively simple, and getting placed in the right office can open doors for your future success. Following are some of the most common technical skills you’ll need for most clerical jobs.

Skills Required for Clerical Jobs

• Computer Literacy: Nowadays, it’s not possible to work in an office if you don’t have basic computer knowledge. Nearly, every set of clerical jobs that you would come across requires you at the very minimum to be able to turn on a computer and use its operating system. You need to possess a lot of versatility and adaptability to develop this skill and also to know a variety of operating systems, including Windows and Mac, which would help increase your value in the market.

• Word Processing: You need to know a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, the most popular word processing program in the market for almost all the clerical jobs. Word is competent of a wide variety of functions which could take years to learn, but once you master it then it would be very useful to you. Most of Word's most essential and most often used functions can be learned in just a couple of hours.

• Web Surfing: You may be required to use the Internet for a wide range of tasks, ranging from research to design and everything else in between depending upon the job you take. Web surfing means knowing the browsers (the applications used to access the Web). Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most universal browser out there, although others like Google and Firefox are popular as well. But don't worry, as once you are well versed with one browser, it's simple to transfer your skills to another.

• Spreadsheets: Many clerical jobs require acquaintance of creating spreadsheets, which imitate paper worksheets and have numerous statistical functions built in. Again, Microsoft knowledge is the most common here, as Excel (an important part of Microsoft Office, which also includes Word, as well as lots of other business applications) is most often used to create spreadsheets.

• Communication: Communication has nothing to do with computers at all, but it's perhaps the most important skill you would need for any job. The capability to communicate efficiently with your colleagues isn't just a skill you need for clerical jobs, but it's one you need for just about any job you’d ever have.

Thus, to get a clerical work (job) in any organization you need to possess all the above basic skills.

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